Here are some of my images from college.

I have been lucky enough to returned to education as a mature student to study fabric design. In the past have made my own clothes, knitted garments and altered clothes to make them up to date or look different. Always taken an interest in fashion, fabric and the construction of garments. Also attended a jewellery design and making course working in silver and gold and still wearing some of my pieces today but gave most of them away as presents ! Spent alot of time restoring old furniture for my home instead of buying new and had some unique stuff !!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Evaluation of Unit X

I liked working with Leahna , Safia and myself as we all have a lot in common,  the three of us did the embroidery workshop and then print, so we had an idea how each worked.
The problem area was the film and media guy. Jacob kept in touch and turned up for tutorials and the presentation but Ollie we only saw him twice !!
Jacob was upset as his film was cut to around 20 seconds instead of 175 seconds. Ollie brought some photographs to Kraak gallery and put them up and left...... so we did not even see him and had to guess which work was his !
I think the work we produced for Unit X was interesting and well thought out, and when hung in the gallery looked good.
I went to other venue's to look at other Tips work and the places they had chosen and thought they all looked good. I think the Unit x came together very well at the end, despite all the grumbling that went on. It seemed to be a long task to me and I felt we could have fitted in another workshop as well, but that is me!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Evaluation of my First Year Studying Textiles in Practice

   My year first is nearly over and how fast it has gone!

I was disappointed that I was not able to participate in all four of the options of Textiles in Practice and that I could only choose two of them. When I came for my interview to the University I was under the impression I would be sampling all the options in the first year. I know this is the first year, that students have only been able to choose two options and I feel sad that future students like myself will be so limited. It also reduces the content of the course but saying this, I have really enjoyed my first year at University and sad to see the year come to an end.`

  The two options I chose were Embroidery and Print. Embroidery was quite challenging as I over-embroidered everything I could, but I did learn, ‘less is more’ from this experience. Using hand embroidery was better for me, as it slowed my stitching down, giving me more time to consider what I was doing. Learning to use the machine feet and creating all the different stitches will be very valuable for future use. I enjoyed doing the embroidery workshop and did consider doing embroidery for my degree, until I did the print workshop. I fell in love with print, both screen and digital and I knew during the workshop, this is the subject I want to study for my degree. The techniques I have learnt in the embroidery workshop will be incorporated in my future print designs and will enhance the appearance and texture of the fabrics, creating a 3D element to my work.

   In the print workshop I used the screen method of printing, using a pigment dye mixed with binders and liked the effect on my fabric. I did try some tie dying but it was not very successful so I stayed with screen-printing, which I really enjoyed. The digital workshop using Photoshop was at first a nightmare. Once I got used to program I realized how much I could achieve with it. With Illustrator I really struggle using this program and I still need more tutoring to master it.

    For next year I have decided to study Print. I want to learn how to mix dyes and use them successfully so I can overprint my dyed fabrics. I intend to experiment with acid and reactive dyes for mono printing on silk and other techniques. Learning about screen meshes and the different results achievable when using them.

   I do not know what path my work will take because of my age, but I hope to carry on with my personal creativity and maybe a career will come from this.

The Kraak Gallery.

All the work is hung up and ready to view ......
Gallery view of Safia, Leahna and my work. 

More work to see. 

Cute boxes made out of wire and fabric.

Some woven fabric.

Unusual dress with plants growing out of it !!

Katie's stunning patchwork with bee image.

A view of the gallery.

Beautiful fabric's.
Alice with her wonderful hand printed fabrics.

Closer view ......


Loads of drawings......

They are so lovely.

Ollie's pictures.....  we only saw him twice while working on UnitX  !!!

My very dear friend Vicky's video.
Vicky's installation .... all hand written on a till rolls.
Really creative of her. 

 The exhibition has been very successful and I feel most of us students enjoyed the end product.
I went and had a look round other 175 events with Safia and Leahna and then we went for lunch ....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Setting up the Exhibition at Kraak Gallery.

We all arrived at the gallery, to find an old dusty room...........

Working hard....

Kate getting everyone organised.

A hive of activity

My and Safia's work hung ready for the exhibition.

Leahna putting the finishing touches to her exhibition.

...................................well the room looks better now. Photo's, paintings, fabric's and installations
hanging from the ceiling. What a difference 4 hours can make !!!  

Playing around in Holden Gallery and another Tutorial.

Playing around in Holden Gallery in the old Manchester Art School.
Project wrapped round the column.

Another ........

A bit too clean and tidy !!

On the wood floor........

.......and another view .....

.......... and again.

Then after I photographed these images, it was time for me to join the rest of the group for a tutorial.

Looking at Leahna's photographs.

My work in transit !!!

The tutor's went through my work and thought it was too tidy, too neat and needed deconstructing.
So I went home home and found a small electric sander in the shed to break down the paint
and writing on the labels. Also broke some off the sewing threads as well so the labels were
coming apart. Have to say did look better when I had finished it.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Michael Brennan- Wood.

Michael Brennan- Wood born in Bury 1952.
Attended Manchester School Of Art 1972.

Installation using luggage tags and wood
from the ends of wool machines as seen
 in the Bankfield Museum in Halifax, Yorkshire.
Forever Changes. Saatchi Gallery 2012
Michael Brennan-Wood when he first went to Manchester Art School he was going to study
fine art. Changed his mind and decided to study Embroidery. After he obtained his degree he went to do a MA in Textiles at Birmingham Polytechnic.
Michael established his studio in Bedfordshire 1977 where he still works and experiments with perspex and wood, found objects, stone and resins.

One of his earlier works El-Rayo 1981

Michael Brennan-Wood is a true Textiles Artist, his work is amazing with such fine detail.
Brennan- Wood has an exhibition at The Burton Art Gallery and Museum, Bideford, North Devon at the moment. Would be great to go and see his work and study the different technique's he has used. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Working on my Installation for Unit X

After experimenting with my luggage tags, I have decided to machine-stitch them together,which, I think it works very well. Made from 175 tags with the names of 175 people who attended or were associated with Manchester School of Art over the last 175 years. On the back of the tags are the subjects they studied or were involved in.

These are the colours Manchester Metropolitan University now.
The only reference to the Art School colours in
the Special Collections.

These are the colours of the Manchester Art School in 1913.

The back of the luggage tags.
Tomorrow I am going into university for the last tutorial before the exhibition. So while I am there I am  going to photograph my work in and around the old art school. Keep eyes peeled for the images on this blog.