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I have been lucky enough to returned to education as a mature student to study fabric design. In the past have made my own clothes, knitted garments and altered clothes to make them up to date or look different. Always taken an interest in fashion, fabric and the construction of garments. Also attended a jewellery design and making course working in silver and gold and still wearing some of my pieces today but gave most of them away as presents ! Spent alot of time restoring old furniture for my home instead of buying new and had some unique stuff !!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Evaluation of Unit X

I liked working with Leahna , Safia and myself as we all have a lot in common,  the three of us did the embroidery workshop and then print, so we had an idea how each worked.
The problem area was the film and media guy. Jacob kept in touch and turned up for tutorials and the presentation but Ollie we only saw him twice !!
Jacob was upset as his film was cut to around 20 seconds instead of 175 seconds. Ollie brought some photographs to Kraak gallery and put them up and left...... so we did not even see him and had to guess which work was his !
I think the work we produced for Unit X was interesting and well thought out, and when hung in the gallery looked good.
I went to other venue's to look at other Tips work and the places they had chosen and thought they all looked good. I think the Unit x came together very well at the end, despite all the grumbling that went on. It seemed to be a long task to me and I felt we could have fitted in another workshop as well, but that is me!

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